See the 2016 Quality Highlights report for an overview of the key improvements and decisions that have been made in support of our Strategic Initiative.

Improvement Planning Process

Annual Improvement Plan – Template & Instructions

The interpretation and use of assessment results has historically been conducted at the department and program level, but we are also currently in the process of developing a new process for planning improvements to instruction, curriculum, and support services using a consistent Improvement Planning Worksheet. See the Institutional Assessment Improvement Plan for an example of its use at the institution level for the 2017 Assessment Cycle.

Use of Assessment Results

See the 2016 Use of Results Overview for examples of how various programs are interpreting and using results to plan improvements and “Close the Loop” based on assessment data for each of PCC’s 5 Institution-level Student Learning Outcomes.

AQIP Action Project

As outlined in detail in our 2016 AQIP Action Project Update, PCC has made great strides in establishing a sustainable framework for institutional assessment of student learning, particularly in the following areas:

  • Faculty Leadership
  • Clarifying the Division of Responsibilities
  • Inclusive Decision Making
  • eLumen Implementation
  • Faculty Training & Support
  • Assessment Resources
  • Transparent Communications