2017 Goal Thermometer


FALL 2017

  • Develop and Implement Improvement Planning Procedures
  • Gather CSLO Data for Full 2017 Assessment Cycle and Submit Data to Department Chairs
  • Enter PSLO Scores in eLumen for 2017 Assessment Cycle
  • Analyze 2016 Results and Discuss Implications for Curriculum and Instruction
  • Refine PSLO Rubrics and Build into eLumen for Implementation
  • Begin Part-Time Instructor Involvement and Training Initiative
  • Assessment Showcase


  • Finalize Assessment Showcase Poster Content, Design, and Production
  • Compile and Publish 2016 Assessment Report


  • Gather Assessment Showcase Data
  • Enter Spring 2017 PSLO/ISLO Scores in eLumen
  • Draft Ideas for PSLO Rubrics
  • Provide Continuous Training
  • Map PSLOs to ISLOs in eLumen
  • Develop PSLOs
  • Implement New Course-Level Assessment Plan Form
  • Spring 2017 Professional Development Day: Focus on Assessment!
Assessment Thermometer - August 2017.jpg