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Faculty Values

In September 2016, we conducted a survey of all faculty and instructors to identify our shared goals for student learning at PCC. A total of 81 respondents ranked the existing General Education Learning Outcomes (GELOs) according to how highly they prioritize and value each.

Percent of faculty ranking each ISLO among their top 3 priorities for student learning at Pueblo Community College.

The results of this survey directly informed key decisions in the planning process: the 3 ISLOs that were ranked most highly by faculty – Critical Thinking, Communication, and Professionalism – were selected as our institution-wide focus for assessment efforts through the 2017 cycle.

Shared Goals for Student Learning

After undergoing comprehensive review, our ISLOs (formerly General Education Learning Outcomes, or GELOs) were revised, and the new ISLO Revisions were approved by an all-faculty vote in February 2017.