eLumenation Speaks Webinar

PCC was invited to be featured in the first installment of eLumen’s new webinar series: click here to watch the recording of our presentation!

2017 HLC Showcase

As a testament to the many improvement efforts we have undertaken and accomplishments made in the past year, Pueblo Community College was selected by eLumen as their Institution Showcase at the 2017 Higher Learning Commission National Conference in Chicago. The Assessment of Student Learning Coordinator and Committee Chair collaborated with our eLumen Success Manager to develop a presentation about PCC’s Assessment Journey with the goal of sharing what we’ve learned with colleagues across the nation.

Click to see the full presentation!

Additionally, a faculty team, joined by one of our Deans, was given the opportunity to attend the 2017 HLC Conference, allowing them to bring back valuable insights regarding current assessment research and best practices to and share with colleagues across PCC.

The 2017 HLC Conference Team

Left to right: Shanna Montoya (Dental Assisting Faculty, Assessment Chair), Lynne Ross (Simulation Center Director, Health & Public Safety Division Assessment Lead), Liz Medendorp (Assessment Coordinator), Dr. Jeffrey Alexander (Dean of Arts & Sciences), John Jakeman (Culinary Arts Faculty, Business & Technology Division Assessment Lead)