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Subject: Outcomes

Student Learning Outcome (SLO)

A Student Learning Outcome (SLO) is a succinct statement of an educational goal (e.g., knowledge or skill) that students are expected to demonstrate during their time in college.

SLOs often range in specificity according to the level at which they are expected: Course-level outcomes (CSLOs) are to be demonstrated upon completion of a particular course; Program-level outcomes (PSLOs) upon completion of a particular degree or certificate program; and Institution-level outcomes (ISLOs) upon graduation.


Course-level Student Learning Outcomes are objectives that must be achieved in order for students to attain the desired knowledge and skills established for the course. Each course has CSLOs that are common to all sections of the course offered across the Colorado Community College System and are listed as “Standard Competencies” in the CCCS Common Course Numbering System (CCNS) database.


Program- or Prefix-level Student Learning Outcomes are objectives that apply to the overall program or discipline in that they describe the general knowledge or skills that a student should have upon completing coursework in the discipline. These objectives are broader than course SLOs and can be assessed by numerous methods across multiple courses in the program.


Institution-level Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs) are college-wide objectives for student learning and describe the knowledge, skills, abilities, and attitudes that all PCC graduates are expected to have developed throughout their overall educational experience, including courses, programs, and student services. Formerly called General Education Learning Outcomes (GELOs), PCC’s ISLOs reflect our shared values and goals for all PCC students, no matter their program, major, or career path.


Alignment refers to the linking of intended student learning outcomes at each level (course, program, and institutional) to ensure that all students progress through a sequence of courses designed to foster and document the outcomes that define achievement in the discipline and in broader areas of learning.

Outcomes Map

Mapping out how our SLOs align allows us to only assess once using our more specific course or program rubrics while still aggregating valuable information about where and how well students are learning and mastering PCC’s more general outcomes—eLumen calculates it for us!

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