PCC’s Annual Assessment Timeline

The assessment cycle follows a consistent timeline for activities and deadlines, outlined below:


Five-Year Plan: Sustainable & Meaningful Institution-Level Assessment

The primary goals for each calendar year of our five-year plan are as follows:



2016: Implement Institution-Level Assessment
  • Build initial framework for institution-level assessment in eLumen
  • Establish core Assessment of Student Learning leadership team that is faculty-driven and offers inclusive opportunities for faculty involvement in key decisions
  • Prioritize, review, and revise Institution-wide Student Learning Outcomes (ISLOs) to reflect faculty values for student learning
  • Select, adapt, and norm common rubrics for assessing institution-level outcomes
  • Offer a range of training opportunities for faculty and staff in institution-level assessment and eLumen’s basic features and functions
  • Develop ongoing communications plan for assessment updates, news, and support, including the ASL Resource Guide and monthly newsletter


2017: Integrate Program-Level Assessment into eLumen
  • Plan all-faculty Professional Development Day dedicated to the Assessment of Student Learning and the integration of program- and institution-level assessment
  • Implement new, simplified course-level assessment plans
  • Develop Program-level Student Learning Outcomes (PSLOs) for all disciplines
  • Map PSLOs to shared ISLOs through intentional and meaningful alignment
  • Construct program-level rubrics that are aligned with college-wide values and offer more functional scoring measures for each discipline
  • Host first annual Assessment Showcase celebrating faculty accomplishments and student successes
  • Begin initiative to increase Part-Time Instructor involvement in assessment activities


2018-2020: Continue Constructing & Reevaluating Sustainable Assessment Framework
  • 2018: Integrate Course-Level Assessment into eLumen
  • 2019: Closing the Loop: Interpreting Results, Constructing Improvement Plans, and Developing Signature Assignments
  • 2020: Reassess Campus-Wide Assessment Process and Track Improvement of Student Learning over Five-Year Plan